24 days of art for good.
Arriving December 1st.

The Advent Project is an online, multimedia Advent calendar featuring the work of 24 different artists. Each day between December 1st and December 24th, we’ll unlock a new, short piece of media — songs, illustrations, stories, crafts, jokes, and more.

All proceeds benefit the National Center for Youth Law, supporting their work to stop the unlawful detention of immigrant children in the United States.


  • Erin Austin
  • Jonathan Baude
  • Lori Buchanan
  • Lacy Campbell & Nazanin Mehraein
  • Amy Carver
  • Claire & Nancy Dapkiewicz
  • Ethan Davidson
  • Cara Ehlenfeldt & Jonesy Jones
  • Fire Chief Charlie
  • Kayla Lane Freeman
  • Jonathan & Suzanne Hannau
  • Austin Heller
  • joolz
  • Jesse Landis
  • Tomo Lekovic
  • Rose Lewis
  • Stephan Moore
  • Gretchen Neidhardt
  • Lauren Niemchick
  • Emily Olsen
  • Rose & Her Bros
  • Smallhounds
  • Jessy Lauren Smith
  • Steve Tartaglione
  • Kasey Waas
  • Werner & Markovich


When can I purchase a key to the calendar?
Find out out how to unlock the calendar here.

What am I getting, exactly?
Your donation will get you 24 days of original, multimedia art. Purchase a key at any point to get access to that day and all the previous days' work.

How much does it cost?
We require just a $5 donation for 24 days of content—but if you are moved by the spirit of whatever holiday you may or may not be celebrating, we’d encourage you to donate more. (If the $5 is cost-prohibitive for you, please email us at info@adventproject.org. No one will be excluded from the calendar due to lack of funds.)

Where does my money go?
100% of the proceeds from the calendar go to the National Center for Youth Law to benefit their work to stop the unlawful detention of immigrant children in the U.S. All artists and organizers are donating their time to this cause. Read more about the NCYL here.

Is this tax-deductible?
Yes! Because the National Center for Youth Law is a non-profit organization, your purchase and any additional donation are both tax-deductible.

Can I enjoy this with my kids?
The majority of the artwork in the calendar is appropriate for all ages. Exceptions will be clearly marked by content warnings.

Is the calendar centered around Christian themes?
While Advent historically is a Christian tradition, The Advent Project is not associated with any one religion or holiday practice. Our artists come from a variety of backgrounds and have created art that reflects that.

Can I purchase this as a gift for someone else?
Sure! We may be biased, but we think this makes a great gift. We fundamentally operate on the honor system, so if you intend to share your key with someone else, we just ask that you donate more. (And if you contact us here after your purchase and include the recipient's email, we can send them a key directly.)

Will the calendar work on my phone/tablet/weird old browser?
The Advent Project works for sure on the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, as well as current Safari on iPhone and Chrome on Android. It probably works other places too! But we can’t guarantee that—we're not in charge of the internet.

What if I want to help in some other way?
You can help by promoting The Advent Project to your friends and acquaintances! But we’d also be delighted to hear from you if you have other ideas or support you want to offer. Shoot us an email, or find us on Instagram or Twitter.